WasteORG is an album I wrote in 2018-2019
Full of dense textures and big beats, the project explores many genres from glitchy trip-hop to future bass. As always, the music rides the line between pop and experimental mentality, leaving plenty of room for the listener to interpret the sounds.

"Fat synth sounds, bass, kicks, electro beats, the righteous sounds to form pleasant melodies to nod your head along with: good bold compositions that you would love to hold in your hands and show proudly to your neighbourhood. What can go wrong other than a stampede consisting of an angry neighbourhood watch! But there is nothing to be angry about as this album is severely nice on the ears, making it a pleasant experience with a fine pulse to get your things done, whatever these things might be!" - Yeah I Know It Sucks
"You gotta put on headphones and listen to the track Sly Cloud. It almost feels organic in nature like calm industrial bugs scattering around." - Musicsthehangup

Released Digitally and on Cassette Tape March 26, 2021 on Illuminated Paths

All artwork and visuals © Chris Hoffmann Design

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