Isothica is a 4-Track EP I released as Ohsaurus in 2019.
After launching Webelotrax in 2019, it felt appropriate to release an Ohsaurus project through the label - and thus Isothica was born!
"Webelotrax is excited to present to you ISOTHICA EP by Ohsaurus (Webelotrax Lead), with a collection of deep and diverse beats. Downtown brings massive slow vibes to the table with lush synths. Seventh Defiance is a leftfield electro banger. Commute features some original live piano riffs and a big chillhop feel. And Peel Fiend is, well, Peel Fiend.... "
Released May 9th, 2019 on Webelotrax Records

All artwork and visuals © Chris Hoffmann Design

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